John Fertitta

A longtime pharmaceutical sales representative, John Fertitta is the owner and manager of Fertitta’s Properties and a roofing insurance specialist with Randy Johnson Builders, Inc. In this capacity, he inspects and manages the filing of commercial, industrial, and residential roofing claims and acts as a liaison between customers, insurance companies, and the roofing corporation. Since starting in this position in 2016, he has helped grow the business by 20 percent, and he created a division of acquiring and renovating foreclosures for sale. John Fertitta also leverages his previous experience in sales to manage and generate roofing and property sales at the company.

Mr. Fertitta began his career over two decades ago. Holding a bachelor of science in food and hospitality management from Johnson & Wales University, he spent several years as the owner and manager of Fertitta's 6301 an upscale restaurant in Louisiana before turning his focus to pharmaceutical sales. He transitioned to a position as a professional healthcare representative for Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Inc. Serving in this position for 15 years, he ranked number one for the highest percentage of quota among international sales reps. John Fertitta subsequently accepted the role of healthcare institutional specialist, where he spent four years before starting his current position.

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